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Kazakh businessman implements an innovative project together with KAZAKH INVEST

Kazakh businessman implements an innovative project together with KAZAKH INVEST

A Kazakh company is implementing an innovative investment project for utilization of rice husk in Almaty region together with KAZAKH INVEST. The representatives of the national company and Biocarbon LLP have signed the corresponding agreement.

As the businessman notes, the investment value of the project is estimated at about 500 million tenge. In addition, the project will create up to 40 new jobs. The annual production capacity will be over 2 thousand tonnes of energy fuel briquettes.

“We have developed an integrated technological process enabling to process rice husk into energy fuel briquettes encompassing a wide range of applications. They can be used for ferroalloys and metallurgical silicon production, for food preparation in roasters instead of wood as well as in various heating systems. In addition to providing alternative cheap fuel, we are addressing the main environmental problem for integrated utilization of rice husk in Almaty region,” - said Bulat Bektemissov, Project Manager at Biocarbon LLP.

Based on the results of the pilot industrial complex in Balkhash region, the company plans to expand its business in Kyzylorda region by building an industrial base for recycling and processing up to 100 thousand tonnes of rice husk annually. In the long term, the company considers selling a patent in the form of a long-term license to interested companies from rice-growing regions globally.

“The implementation of the project has a huge multiplier effect: the project addresses the environmental concerns, frees up land used for waste disposal – rice husk as well as increases investments and influx of new specialists into the region,” - said Dariya Ovsyannikova, Regional Director of KAZAKH INVEST in Almaty Region.

As part of the investment project support, KAZAKH INVEST will assist in obtaining the necessary documents and permits, negotiating with interested companies and securing government support measures, including product exports to the foreign markets.

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