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The Khorgos International Centre of Boundary Cooperation JSC is a public company established under the Agreements between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the People's Republic of China for the purpose of creation of the Khorgos International Center for Transfrontier Cooperation at the Kazakhstan and China border in the Panfilov district of Almaty region.

Mission: To create a new unique format of cross-border cooperation, integrated into the world economy.

Objective: Development of border areas between Kazakhstan and China, attracting investment climate, expanding the influence of interstate and national programs on environmental, cultural and social-ecological interaction of living people.

“Khorgos” ICBC consists of the two parts: Kazakhstan part – located in the territory of Panfilovskiy raiyon of Almatinskaya oblast, and China part – located in the territory of the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang–Uyghur Autonomous Region.

The distance from the Kazakhstan part of “Khorgos” ICBC part to the regional center of Almatinskaya oblast – Taldykorgan city, is 321 km., and 361 km. to the largest city of the Republic of Kazakhstan – city of Almaty.

“Khorgos” ICBC is located 1 km. away from the China’s border city Khorgos, 90 km. away from the nearest major city of Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture – Yining, and 670 km. from the administrative capital of Xinjiang–Uyghur Autonomous Region – Urumqi.

Total area covered by the “Khorgos” International Centre of Border Cooperation is 560 hectares of which 217 hectares belongs to Kazakhstan, and 343 hectares – to China. The communication between two parts is through the special pedestrian and transportation corridor.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, China People’s Republic and other countries can stay within the area of “Khorgos” International Centre of Border Cooperation both at its Kazakhstan and at China part without the need for any visa for the period of up to 30 days based on the valid documents agreed and acknowledged by the competent authorities of the countries involved.

Investment projects

The total cost of implementation of the investment project, including the design and construction of its facilities, supporting engineering infrastructure is 382,882.83 million tenge.

Considering that the ICBC "Khorgos" is one of the largest investment projects implemented in our country, the construction of infrastructure is financed by the state.

Commercial properties will be built by attracting private investment. Costs for the design and construction of facilities (complexes) of the Center through private investment will amount to 309,154.37 million tenge

Thus, for 1 tenge funds from the republican budget it is planned to attract about 4.2 tenge of private investment.

To attract domestic and foreign capital, the Center will create a favorable, favorable investment climate and a special legal regime.

The investment phase includes the period from 2006 to 2018. During this period, it is planned to implement the main investment and organizational measures in accordance with the program and design solutions, in particular - holding investment competitions for development and further operation of facilities in the Center.

From 2012, it is planned to complete the construction of the facilities of the first phase of the Center (internal and main part of the external engineering infrastructure, partial commissioning of other infrastructure facilities).

From 2013 to 2018 provides for the phased completion of construction of facilities financed by private investment.

From 2018, it is planned to begin the full-scale operation of the Center.


“Khorgos” International Centre of Border Cooperation JSC

Actual address: Republic of Kazakhstan, Almatinskaya oblast, Panfilovskiy raiyon, “Khorgos” ICBC, Administrative Oficce, 2 floor

Juridical address/ postal address: postcode: B55K5G3 (041310), Republic of Kazakhstan, Almatinskaya oblast,Panfilovskiy raiyon, Named after Golovackiy village, 28, Ten Inger street

Reception: +7-72831-7-99-01  *

Investment and International Cooperation Department: +7-72831-7-99-01 

General Construction Department: +7-72831-7-99-01 

Press-service - Organizational Department: +7-72831-7-99-01

Accounting Department: +7-72831-7-99-01 

Legal and Purchasing Department: +7-72831-7-99-01 

HR-Department: +7-72831-7-99-01 

Maintenance Department: +7-72831-7-99-01

Planning and Economic Sector: +7-72831-7-99-01 

Office “Khorgos” ICBC in Astana

8, Kunayev str, “Izumrudniy” business centre, A block, 2812 office

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