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Almaty region - is a region in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The administrative center of the region was the city of Alma-Ata; in April 2001, the regional center was transferred by decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Alma-Ata to Taldykorgan.

Almaty region is a territory with a very diverse topography and climate, as well as with a whole set of different natural zones.

Its northern and northwestern part consists of desert and semi-desert Balkhash and Priiliysky plains with lumpy sands, inclined towards Lake Balkhash, overgrown with saxaul (in the north), acacia (in the center of the region), wormwood (in the foothills) and even completely devoid of vegetation. Large rivers flow along the plains, originating in the mountains and flowing into Lake Balkhash: Ili, Karatal, Aksu, Lepsy.

Almaty region is one of the most economically developed in the republic. The main role in this was played by the fact that it is a transport corridor between China and the republics of Central Asia, between Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The second important factor: in the geographical territory of the region is the cultural and financial center of Kazakhstan - the city of Almaty.

The region is divided into 17 districts and 3 cities of regional subordination (city administrations):

  • Aksu district - Zhansugurov;
  • Alakolsky district - Usharal;
  • Balkhash region - Bakanas;
  • Enbekshikazakhsky district - Yesik;
  • Eskeldinsky district - Karabulak;
  • Zhambyl district - Uzynagash;
  • Ili district - Otegen-Batyr;
  • Karasai district - Kaskelen;
  • Karatal district - Ushtobe;
  • Kegen district - Kegen;
  • Kerbulak district - Saryozek;
  • Koksu district - Balpyk-Bi;
  • Panfilovsky district - Zharkent;
  • Rayymbek district - Narynkol;
  • Sarkand district - Sarkand;
  • Talgar district - Talgar;
  • Uyghur district - Chunja;
  • Taldykorgan city;
  • Kapshagai city;
  • Tekeli city.

The city of Taldykorgan - is the administrative, socio-economic, educational and cultural center of the Almaty region, has a favorable geographical position and multilateral development potential, one of the key cities of the Southern macroregion. Located in the center of Semirechye on the banks of the Karatal River in the foothills of the Dzungarian Alatau at an altitude of over 602 m above sea level.

The basis of the economy of Taldykorgan is industrial production, the base of which was created taking into account the favorable transport and geographical position.

The city has 22 large and medium-sized enterprises, the Taldykorgan industrial zone is being formed, where it is planned to place more than 60 enterprises.

The city is the country's main producer of certain types of industrial products: rechargeable batteries, insulated wires and cables, household electricity meters, submersible pumps.

The prospective development of productive forces will be aimed at creating high-tech, export-oriented industries. The main directions of development of the city industry in the future will be the further development of the food industry, mechanical engineering, the production of building materials, etc.


223 911 кв. км.

Regional center

Taldykorgan city, large cities –Tekeli, Kapshagay.

Neighboring regions and countries:

in the northeast - East Kazakhstan, in the east - China (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region), in the south - Kyrgyzstan (Chuy and Issyk-Kul), in the west - Zhambyl, in the north-west Lake Balkhash (Karaganda).

Climatic conditions

The temperate zone is sharply continental in the lowlands and continental in the foothills. Hot, dry summers, cold winters. Average January temperature: -15 ° C in the plains, -7 ° C in the foothills. Average July temperature: + 25 ° C in the plains, + 20.5 ° C in the foothills. Average annual rainfall: up to 250 mm on the plains, 500-600 mm in the foothills, 700-1000 mm in the mountain valleys. Average annual relative humidity: from 20% in the mountains to 65% on the plains.

Key socio-economic indicators

(as of October 1, 2020, thousand people)

2 071,4

(for January-June 2020, in %)


(October 2020 per to December 2019, %)


(October 2019 to September 2020, in %)


Unemployment rate
(for the ІІІ quarter of 2020 %, estimated data)


Average monthly wage*
(for the ІІІ quarter of 2020, tenge)

162 185


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