Information about the region

Information about the region

Almaty region (kaz. Almaty oblysy) is a region in the south-east of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It was formed on March 10, 1932 as part of the Kazakh ASSR, while the spelling Alma-Ata region was adopted until 1992. The administrative center of the region was the city of Alma-Ata; in April 2001, the regional center was moved from Almaty to Taldykorgan by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The population of the region is 2,059,200 people (at the beginning of 2020).



223 911 sq. km.


Neighboring regions and countries:

  • in the northeast - EKR
  • in the east - China
  • in the south - Kyrgyzstan
  • in the west - Zhambylskaya
  • in the northwest - Karaganda


Climatic conditions

  • Sharply continental continental in the temperate belt-plain part and continental on the mountain slopes.
  • Hot dry summer, cold winter.


Geographical data

Almaty region is a territory with a very diverse terrain and climate, as well as with a whole set of different natural zones.

Its northern and north-western parts are desert and semi-desert Balkhash and Priili plains with bumpy sands, located with a slope towards Lake Balkhash, overgrown with saxaul (in the very north), acacia (in the center of the region), sagebrush (in the foothills) or even completely devoid of vegetation. Large rivers flow through the plains, originating in the mountains and flowing into Lake Balkhash: Ili, Karatal, Aksu, Leps.

About the Region

The region is divided into 17 districts and 3 cities of regional subordination (city administrations):
  1. Aksu district-Zhansugurov
  2. Alakolsky district-Usharal
  3. Balkhash district-Bakanas
  4. Enbekshikazakh district-Esik
  5. Eskeldinsky district-Karabulak
  6. Zhambyl district-Uzynagash
  7. Ili district-Otegen-Batyr
  8. Karasay district-Kaskelen
  9. Karatal district-Ushtobe
  10. Kegensky district — Kegen
  11. Kerbulak district-Saryozek
  12. Koksu district-alpyk-Bi
  13. Panfilovsky district-Zharkent
  14. Raiymbek district-Narynkol
  15. Sarkan district-Sarkan
  16. Talgar district-Talgar
  17. Uyghur district — Chunja
  18. Taldykorgan
  19. city Kapshagai
  20. city Tekeli city
On April 2, 2018, Raiymbek district was divided: Kegensky district with the administrative center in the village of Kegen was separated from it.

Population 1494,4

(1.09.2022, thousand person)


GRP 104,2

(January-June 2022, %, reporting data)


Inflation 15,8

(September 2022 per to september 2021, %)


Average monthly salary 188 850

(for the first quarter of 2021, tenge)


Unemployment rate 4,7

(September 2022, %, estimated data)

*Excluding small businesses engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

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