The Almaty region - the food belt of the metropolis of Almaty - is located in a favorable climatic zone. GRP of Almaty region for 2020 is estimated to be 3 343,5 billion tenge.

The main sectors of the economy


The largest sector by employment (over 27% of total employment).

136 large and medium industrial enterprises.

The only producer in the republic of malt, electric batteries, drywall products, reinforced concrete and metal poles for high-voltage power lines, fire hydrants, silicone and synthetic winterizer.

About 70 types of basic building materials and structures are produced.

The huge potential in the production of building materials (significant deposits of facing stone, gabbro, marble, limestone, mineral salts and other minerals provides the industry with the necessary raw materials).

The Khorgos - Eastern Gate Special Economic Zone, the only land port in Kazakhstan, operates in the region.


Dominates the republican commodity production of tobacco products and grape wine.

30 types of crops, 45 types of farm animals and more than 35 types of processed food products.

60.6% of the region's industrial production is the processing of agricultural products.

16.4% of the total agricultural production of Kazakhstan.

Leader in the production of soybeans, corn for grain, vegetables, potatoes, meat, eggs and wool.

The first place in the republic in terms of the number of horses, pigs and poultry.


The unique nature of Zailiysky and Dzhungarsky Alatau; lakes Alakol, Balkhash, Kapshagai reservoir, mountain lakes.

Sources of mineral water and healing mud.

Cultural and historical (mound) complexes and cave paintings.

Mausoleums and mazars, architectural structures of the late period.

The growth rate of industries (volume index, in %)

(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


(January-October 2020 to January-October 2019, in %)


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