Zhetіsu (Semirechye) - the pearl of Kazakhstan.

The region has a favorable geographical and transport and logistic location, access to the sales market with a population of 4 million people (taking into account the size of the region and the city of Almaty). In the east, the region borders with the People's Republic of China (XUAR), in the south with the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, transit cars and railway corridors pass through the border crossings of the region. The revival of the historic “Silk Road” is planned on the Western Europe - Western China highway.

The territory of the Almaty region is 223.9 thousand km2 or 6.1% of the entire territory of the Republic

The region has deposits of non-ferrous metals - lead, zinc, copper; rare metals - tungsten, tin, molybdenum, beryllium, noble metals - gold and silver; energy brown coal construction materials. More than 34 manifestations of mineral waters of different chemical composition and temperature were revealed. There are 2 sources of thermal waters, two artesian basins: Almaty and Zharkent

The region pays attention to every investor. Now the portfolio has 306 investment projects for 5.7 trillion. tenge with the creation of more than 32 thousand jobs. Among them, 9 projects - with the participation of transnational companies, 44 - with foreign participation.

In the region there are 6 industrial zones, which are fully provided with engineering infrastructure. Here 49 projects are being implemented for 341 billion tenge with the creation of 4.6 thousand jobs.

The Khorgos-Eastern Gate SEZ, which is a major transport and logistics hub at the crossroads of commodity flows between China, Central Asia and the countries of the Eurasian Union, also provides a powerful impetus to the development of the regional economy.

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