In January-September 2020 mutual trade of Almaty oblast with the countries of the EEU was 618,5 million USD, which is 4.3% less than in January-September of 2019, including exports – to 130.5 million USD (14.1% less), imports – 488 million US dollars (1.2% less).

25 large enterprises of the region
LLP "Rybprom" (Alakolsky district)

Fish products


Fish products

LLP "Company "Jenis 2006 "

Fish products

LLP "Rybprom" (Ili district)

Fish and fish products

LLP "Rybprom" (Kapchagai fish production complex)

Glazed fish fillet, glazed frozen fish

LLP "Balik Karatal"

Catch and fish processing

LLP «Danone Berkut»

Dairy products (drinking, spoon, ayran yogurt)

LLP "Company "Foodmaster"

Dairy products, cheeses

LLP "Ushtobe-Aydin»

Milk and dairy products

LLP "Agro-industrial company" Adal "

Milk products


Milk products


Ice cream production

LLP "Tekeli GMZ"

Milk products

LLP "Company "Sary-Bulak"

marketable egg, soybean oil, meal

LLP "Alatau Kus"

marketable egg, poultry

LLP "Alel Agro"

mayo ptitsy

LLP "KazRos Broiler"

mayo ptitsy

JSC "Combo Snab"

Expanded soda, combo for all the ordinary foods

LLC "Kormovik-Eurotechnology"

The premiere of the original additions to the divisive indigree

LLP "Almatinskiy confetti"

Confectionery, waffles, chocolate

LLP "Tekeli-Confectioner"

Pryaniki razny vidov

LLP "TrapezaTrade"

Chlebobulinnye scab

LLP "Hamley Company Ltd."

biscuits, roulette, confetti, chocolate, biscuits


Processing of milk, except for canning, and production of cheese

LLP "UyzMayindustry"

soybean meal, soybean oil

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