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Effective Contribution to Sustainable Energy Development

Effective Contribution to Sustainable Energy Development

In accordance with the instructions of the governor of Almaty region, the Energy and Housing and Utilities Department of the Almaty region, together with the Chinese delegation, traveled to the capital for a meeting with representatives of Samruk-Energy JSC to coordinate the construction of a 500 MW pumped-storage power station on the Ili River, below the Kapchagai Hydroelectric Power Station, as well as to discuss the implementation of the Aktogai Hydroelectric Power Station project.

An important agreement was reached regarding renewable energy sources with the Ministry of Energy, concerning the increase in auction capacity in the Almaty region. By the order of the Minister of Energy, a new schedule of auction trading for the construction of two small hydropower plants with a capacity of 20 MW each and one station with a capacity of 10 MW in Kegen and Raiymbek districts has been approved. Additionally, the construction of a 100 MW solar power station in Ili district and another station with a capacity of 20 MW in Zhambyl district has been approved.

The agreement and implementation of the above-mentioned projects are important steps in the development of the region's energy sector and contribute to the increase in the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy balance, which will make an effective contribution to ensuring sustainable and environmentally friendly energy development in the region.

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