Success story

Success story
Danone Berkut LLP

The project for the production of dairy products by Danone Berkut LLP was included in the Industrialization Map within the framework of the program of the approved program of industrial and innovative development. At the moment, the plant for the production of new types of dairy products gives an opportunity to provide the domestic market with quality products, including milk drinks, cheese curds, yoghurts, sour cream that are in high demand. The production process of the plant allows to ensure quality control of milk at a high level and produce a large range of products made only from natural raw materials. Milk quality control is carried out at all stages of the technological process, from milk reception to the delivery of finished products. The production of products takes place in a closed flow from the acceptance of milk to the packaging of the finished product, and the control of the technological process is fully automated, which guarantees an impeccable quality of the products. The policy of the company "Danone Berkut" is aimed at providing the population with ecologically clean and biologically valuable products, which is a significant competitor to dairy products, represented on the Kazakhstan market and in the markets of Central Asia to date.

The company places high demands on the raw materials it receives, and provides comprehensive support to farms that are milk suppliers: they train and advise on the procurement of milk of the required quality, and equipment for cooling and storing milk is provided.

Director of the enterprise: Tsapaev Sergey Victorovich

The address of the enterprise: Ily borough, village Baisserke, ul. Sultan Beybaris, 1;

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