National Contact Center of Kazakhstan

Recently, Kazakhstanis have the opportunity to file complaints regarding the actions or omissions of multinational companies, whose activities go beyond one state. The work is regulated by the National Contact Center (NCC).

Thus, every resident of the country can report an offense by an enterprise in the following areas: information disclosure, human rights, labor and industrial relations, environmental protection, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation, bribery and extortion.

Applications are accepted through the following information channels: 

  • NCC Secretariat Office
  • NCC website 
  • website of the Ministry of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Conclusions, as well as information on the progress of consideration of the application, are posted on the NCC website. At the same time, the NCC guarantees commercial information safety and other important aspects for the parties.

NCC activities

The national contact center (NCC) is a voluntary, non – judicial mechanism for dealing with public complaints about businesses that violate the principles of responsible business conduct in accordance with the OECD Guidelines. This is a platform for constructive dialogue between the parties, discussion of problems and ways to reach a mutual agreement.

The NCC functions in Kazakhstan are assigned to the Ministry of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The NCC is a collegial advisory body. The Chairman is the Minister of the National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan R. Dalenov. The NCC consists of representatives of the ministries of the national economy, justice, foreign affairs, labor and social protection of the population, The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", non-governmental organizations and trade unions.

The NCC Secretariat is the "Economic Research Institute" JSC.

The process of interaction between NCC and citizens of Kazakhstan

The process of applications review by NCC consists of three stages:

The first stage - preliminary assessment of the application.

At this stage, the NCC evaluates the application for compliance with the scope of the NCC Guidelines and competencies:

  • holds separate meetings with each of the parties
  • checks for validity,
  • communicates with the two parties and decides whether or not to accept the case for consideration. 
The second stage - case acceptance for production.
NCC holds consultations on the case with government bodies, representatives of business communities, labor organizations, non-governmental organizations, experts, OECD NCP's operating in countries.

The third stage - final assessment of the application.

The NCC trial ends with the preparation and publication of the case final assessment.

NCC as the guarantor of transparency.

Over the past three decades, the international business environment has undergone a number of significant structural changes. Since the beginning of the new Millennium, the world economy has been driven by international investment, which has enabled Governments to open up markets and businesses to take advantage of new opportunities that have led to unprecedented economic growth.

In June 2017, Kazakhstan became an associate member of the Investment Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and became the 48th country to join the OECD Declaration on multinational enterprises. As part of joining the Committee, the government of Kazakhstan has made a number of commitments, including the dissemination of responsible business principles in accordance with the OECD Guidelines.

Guidelines – requirements in the field of responsible business management directed by governments to enterprises whose activities in any way extend beyond the borders of one state. It is a collection of principles and standards in various fields, ranging from human rights, workers rights, and occupational safety, also addressing issues of access to information, taxation, and environmental protection.

Today, NCC's operate effectively in 49 countries around the world, accounting for about 80% of foreign direct investment. The presence of this body in the state is a guarantee of transparency in the consideration of emerging disputes. An efficient, transparent and popular mechanism for NCC activities is an important element of an open international investment climate.

More detailed information about the National Contact Center of Kazakhstan can be found on the official website of the Ministry: and on the NCC website:

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