About us

About us

Darya Ovsyannikova

Regional Manager Almaty region

Darya Ovsyannikova was born in 1990 in Almaty city. She graduated from the Kazakh-Turkish University of Foreign Languages and Business Careers, in 2011, the faculty of Pedagogical Sciences, with a degree in Translation Studies, in 2014, the faculty of Economic and Administrative sciences, specializing in accounting and auditing.

She began her career in 2012, the last 5 years she has been working in the Almaty region, in the structure of the Akimat, and work with investment projects: general manager of the investment project analysis department of the Regional Development Center of Almaty Region LLP.

Since October 2017 - Deputy Director of the Regional Office of National Company KAZAKH INVEST JSC in the Almaty region. In October 2019, she moved to the position of Director of the Regional Office.

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